Veteran Stage Actress Delivers Emmy Award Nominated Series

Veteran stage actress Anne Marie Cummings, the 2018 Emmy nominated actor/writer/director behind the 5x Emmy nominated series “Conversations in L.A.,” a one of a kind, single-shot(no cuts, highly choreographed with continuous camera movement) drama which airs on iTunes, Amazon, and

With “Conversations in L.A.,” Anne Marie Cummings merges theatre and film to create a truly original series. The Daytime Emmy-Nominated actress has spent the past twenty-five years involved in the theatre (as an actress, writer, director, artistic director, and producer), and after moving to Los Angeles in 2016, she’s on award winning track taking the best of everything she knows about the stage and applying it to the screen.

The One-Shot Series is a triumph of television, and has been hailed as “The BIRDMAN of TV.” It follows ‘Michelle Macabee’ (Cummings), an unemployed woman who’s depressed over the death of her dog, but when she meets the handsome and much younger ‘Gus Borrero’ – they have an unexpected connection they discover is worth fighting for, despite the challenges of their age difference, their pasts, and the strong opinions of friends, family, and everyone else they have conversations with in LA.
Anne Marie Cummings moved to Los Angeles three years ago after spending 30 years in the theatre as a professional actress working with Tony-award winning directors, playwright, director and artistic director (her last theatre company was in Upstate New York and moved from a theatre stage into a movie theatre where she began to film her own plays and the plays of well-known playwrights). She attended the highly acclaimed drama program at Carnegie Mellon University and the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. “Conversations in LA” first came to life when Cummings sold her house in Upstate New York and with those funds, moved to Los Angeles to invest in her vision where she merges theatre onto film.
For season 3 out this Summer, Cummings in finalizing a deal with a major online streaming service and just cast JUSTIN KIRK, the Primetime Emmy-nominated, Golden Globe-nominated, Screen Actors Guild Award-nominated actor from award-winning TV series including “Weeds,” “APB,” “You’re the Worst,” “Modern Family,” “Wayward Pines,” and “The Blacklist.”
Season Two, Episode Three: TRUTH AND LIES:
Season Two trailer:
Season One trailer:

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