virtue + vice

The debut collection, featuring on-trend prints, like oversized palm leaves, vintage florals, and scalloped mermaid scales is perfect for hot, sunny days, tropical getaways, or even just trying to bring a beachy bohemian vibe to your regular happy hour.


 Melanie is the founder of women’s sustainable and ethical clothing brand virtue + vice.
I decided to start my own company and do things differently after spending almost a decade living and working in Asia, sourcing and developing clothing for some well-known big box and fast fashion American retailers. “
virtue + vice was born out of the idea to be different, providing eco-conscious women with style that promises to produce the smallest possible carbon footprint, while offering a safe work environment and living wage to artisans in India.
With a focus on consumer education, virtue + vice gives a ‘behind the seams‘ look at how the clothes are made, showcasing each piece’s unique story and the people behind it.

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