Voiles of Reality – Samuel Fassse Scarves Collection

Voiles of Reality
Samuel Fasse ‘s scarves collection
This abstract representation identifies itself as a standard, a map indicating the path they could follow.
The scarf becomes a symbol of territory, conquest and displacement.
Depending on their experience, the protagonists collect various imaginary objects that bear witness to their passage into an imaginary world.
During their passage, the elements are grafted and mutated, thus constituting the work.
This staging shows what they could have seen, heard or met.
Print becomes a reflection of their experience.
Composed in trompe l’oeil, the juxtaposition of materials and materials is brought here into a “simulated elsewhere”

Samuel Fasse presents here, in a demanding extension of his performance at the Palais de Tokyo, an editorial gesture in collaboration with Camille Vivier. Where the emphasis on the transversality of his creative work restores a way, a mode of composition, whothinks of the accessory as much as the body that carries it, from the digital image to the motif placed.

Correspondence and discrepancies where paradoxical and beautiful scenes, relative and plastic temporalities emerge.

These scarves are in synthetic textile fibers printed and made entirely in France.
Based on a 100% ecological printing (OEKO-TEX® label) the series of the 5 visuals are in limited quantity.

With the addition of a manual embroidery by the artist Veronica Lombardi taking the serial number of the model, and eyelets, details signatures of the object.

The foulards are part of a series of derived products consisting of other physical objects, such as sculptures; Or virtual, such as videos: all these elements taken from the first performance revealing the collection from Studio Fasse at Palais de Tokyo.


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