Art Speaks Contemporary Fashion That Offers an Exciting Blend of Fashion and Art

This March, we would like to request a deskside briefing for designer, Kathy Martinez, at your desks in NYC to present Art SPEAKS

John Galliano once said, “The joy of dressing in an art.”

The majority of respected fashion designers would agree that fashion is a form of art itself.

Fashion lets us express ourselves and lets our personalities shine through on a daily basis.

Combining fashion and other forms of art, like Kathy Martinez did when she created ART SPEAKS, only made a more powerful statement.

It truly allows us to speak without saying a word.


Kathy Martinez is the designer and creative director behind ART SPEAKS, a distinct and unique womenswear inspired by art. Born in New York City, Kathy grew up loving fashion, art and design. Throughout her journey, art influenced her life and style. Art always stopped her on her tracks and that is what she envisioned for her collection, for people to stop and admire.


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Managing Editor & Photographer of the Fashion Maniac team

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