What Makes Vegan Leather Eco-Friendly?

What actually makes vegan leather eco-friendly?

Founder of Veggani handbags, Laura de Wahl explains exactly how!

Not all vegan handbags are made equally: “We use PU over the more common PVC (Polyvinylchloride) as it is made with organic materials and is much less harmful to the environment.”

It’s what’s inside that counts: “Many of our linings are created using Repreve & Recyctex. These are recycled fibers that contain both recycled materials including post-industrial waste, used plastic bottles and fish nets. Both are certified sustainable and conserve resources because they offset the need to use newly refined crude oil.

Compared to making virgin synthetic fibers, these materials use less energy and water, and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.”

Support Local: Laura’s goal in starting Veggani was to create stylish functional and quality handbags that do not compromise her ethics but promote them.

“When possible, we work with and support smaller factories and artisan workshops who promote fair wages.

This helps change trends in manufacturing and brings true sustainability to its community.”

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