What to Wear to Your Next Protest

  Protest Fashion Inspiration inspiration

If there is anything we have learned so far in 2018, it is that fashion can be used as a tool for promoting social change and starting a conversation.

Inspired by all the women around the world making their voices heard fighting for women’s rights and gender equality, women’s fashion brand artTECA launched the Athena Collection. For this special collection that celebrates women, artTECA partnered with Colombian contemporary artist, Carolina Gomez whose works explore concepts like women identity.

Whether you are looking for a statement-making jacket to wear to your next protest, or are interested in showing your support in your everyday wardrobe artTECA’s denim jacket is a great staple to invest in.

artTECA believes you do not have to be famous to take a stand and make change possible. With every jacket purchased, a portion of sales will benefit the non-profit organization Lotus House that works in Miami to improve the lives of disadvantaged and homeless women, youth, and children.  

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