Wigging Out For Halloween – Makeup Expert Gives Tips & Tricks

So you want to dress like Donald Trump for Halloween…

or maybe Hillary Clinton is more your style?

How about the recently separated Brad and Angie?

Whatever costume you choose, there’s a wig for that!


Halloween is a great time to play around with wigs,” says wig expert and veteran makeup artist Jeanna Doyle.

For example, if you want a wig to match Donald Trump’s hair, you should look for a wefted wig – typically the least expensive wig, which is designed to wash and go!

In a fun and entertaining feature story or interview, Jeanna can discuss appropriate wigs for some of Halloween’s most hotly anticipated costumes, and give pointers for picking out the best wigs and makeup to compliment any look.

We’d also be happy to coordinate a giveaway of her stunning new book,

Wig ED: What To Look For When Looking For a Wig.




Jeanna Doyle is a veteran makeup artist with over twenty-five years of experience working in both medical and media settings. Licensed in cosmetology, a certified Medical Aesthetic Provider, and trained in oncology esthetics and corrective makeup, Jeanna is the founder of the nonprofit Suite HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients Esthetically) and the developer of The HOPE Method – a corrective makeup curriculum.

Jeanna has written articles for and spoken to audiences of both medical and beauty industry giants, and has worked with A-list actors, athletes, models, musicians, politicians and a former president and first lady of the United States.

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