Woodlands Maple

2018 Woodlands Reserve


Our most exclusive maple, Woodlands Reserve is sourced from one small family farm in the Great Lakes region of New York State where the farm’s elevation, soil, temperature and proximity to Lake Ontario come together in harmony to produce a darker, sweeter unique  maple.

Limited Production

In this 2018 tap run, March was so cold that the overall sap production was down for many farms, yielding mostly the lighter Golden and Amber maple grades. However, our most northern farmer, Doug still was able to produce Dark Amber and Very Dark Maple but in more limited amounts than in recent years. The darkest and sweetest of Doug’s maple is selected for our Woodlands Reserve.

Hand Crafted Bottle

With such distinctive character and strong depth of flavor, Woodlands Reserve deserves packaging that is as unique and eco-friendly as the maple it contains. Each one of a kind bottle of Woodlands Reserve is a 20 oz. ceramic bottle hand crafted and signed by our Brooklyn artisan, Cheryl Perry.

Woodlands Reserve deserves to be savored as you would your favorite fine wine or cognac. Enjoy it yourself or share this unique flavor adventure with those who also seek distinctive food experiences.

Pre-Order-Don’t Miss Out

Woodlands Reserve makes a great gift for someone special or for an occasion where you want to make a unique impression. Since our Reserve is very limited in quantity and made to order, pre-order your Woodlands Reserve today to ensure availability and shipment by early Summer.


2018 Amber


2018 Very Dark



Woodlands Maple is on a mission to source the best-tasting, sustainable, single-origin New York State organic maple syrup. We scour the state to select farmers whose trees, soil and production methods produce the most distinctive maple syrup. Woodlands Maple is never blended with syrups from other sources, so the unique flavor profile of each regional farm comes through in every drop.

Woodlands Maple began its public life by providing our pure organic maple to the most prestigious restaurants and hotels in New York City. These world renowned chefs use Woodlands Maple to top breakfast dishes and as an important ingredient to elevate their recipes. Our maple has also found its way out of the kitchen to the bar where mixologists have selected it as a sophisticated and complex sweetener for their signature cocktails.

Our goal is to find like-minded farmers who believe in harvesting maple syrup while employing sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of collection and production. Because we want to do our fair share to help ensure our forests are around for future generations, we donate a percentage of our gross profits to charitable causes that work to protect our natural resources

The launch of our new online store
Due to our high standard of freshness, flavor and overall quality, Woodlands Maple cannot be purchased in retail stores. It is only available at our online store at woodlandsmaple.com.


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