#YogaLife: Add some fun to your yoga!

Add Some Fun To Your Yoga with Flexi Lexi

Flexible, fitting, comfortable and chic clothing for the active yogi

If there’s one thing every yogi needs in their closet, it’s a pair of quality yoga leggings.
Lucky for you, Flexi Lexi puts the fun back into yoga and fitness! Comfortable and stylish, these easy breezy designs will let you stretch, side plank, and sphinx with ease and make living the life of a yogi a breeze.
Take a deep inhale, long exhale and say namaste to funky fruit patterns and original ombre designs of Flexi Lexi!
Based in the bustling Bangkok, Thailand, Flexi Lexi offers flexible, fitting, comfortable and chic yoga bralettes and leggings.
Born from a desire to create the perfect fit for your bralettes, Flexi Lexi quickly expanded more items to their store, including best-selling designs like Flexi Yoga Pants, Flexi Dancer Leggings, Scrunchy Shorts, Mermaid Tails, Flexi Ballerina Tutus and more!
Discover the perfect pants that are as functional on the mat as they are stylish off of it:
•   Fruity Flexi Yoga Pants: 
Whether you’re a fan of Pineapples or Avocados, you’ll be berry cute in the flirty, fruity prints from the Flexi Yoga Pants collection!
Add some style to your morning yoga sesh with Strawberry or ramp up your workout in the whimsical Watermelon print!

•   Ombre Flexi Yoga Pants:

 Experiment with different hues in the totally original Ombre collection.

 Feeling cute? 

Rock a pair of the Sweet Ombre Flexi Dancer Leggings to bring out your inner ballerina!

Want a more positive print? 

Try out the Purple Pink Ombre Flexi Yoga Pants for your next barre class or boot camp.

Sweat it out while staying supported and stylish in the fun favorites from Flexi Lexi!

All Flexi Lexi clothing is available at


as well as Evolve Fitwear,

and international retailers Mimi Fit WearOmgoing 

and Flexi Lexi Indonesia


Born from a frustration with sports bras in the market being too tight or too loose, Flexi Lexi decided to make their own.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand where everyone is on a mission to stay fit, this beneficial brand has quickly expanded their online store to sell yoga pants, dancer leggings, shorts, mermaid tails, ballerina tutus and more!

Offering flexible, fitting, comfortable and chic clothing, the sports apparel from Flexi Lexi can be worn for any occasion.

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