Ziad Nakad | Fall – Winter Collection 2017 – 2018


Ziad Nakad | Fall – Winter Collection 2017 – 2018

Pictures Credit : Kirsty Sparow / Getty Images for Ziad Nakad

For this couture collection Autumn-Fall 2017/2018, the designer Ziad Nakad proposes his romantic vision of a season in magic colors where white predominates.

A white that appears as cold as snow and that gradually heats up when velvet, feathers, tulle and lace are interwoven through learned embroideries.

Numerous cut-outs on the back and shoulders draw the body to reveal a bewitching femininity.


Navy, gray and red enriches the colors of this magical forest.

And a bride like a queen of an exceptional night, dressed in white and gold that illuminates this universe fit to the legends of a thousand and one nights.


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