2018 AMA’s: Constance Wu wore Brumani

Constance Wu

wore Brumani quartz hoop earrings

to the 2018 American Music Awards

on October 9th

in Los Angeles, California.

Brumani quartz hoop earrings:

For Eduardo, Emerson and Rodrigo, jewellery is very much a family affair. A 50 year legacy of art, delicate craftsmanship and, above all, a true passion for creating jewelery.
Brought up in Brazil and the grandchildren of  Italian and German immigrants Brumani jewelery features a unique blend of German precision and detail, Italian passion and the opulent, vibrant soul of Brazil.
Creating radiant, handmade designs featuring 18kt gold and rare precious gemstones.
Each piece radiates joie de vivre; a pure, unbridled passion for life, combined with unique contemporary style.
  • Instagram: @brumanijewelry
  • Facebook: @brumanijewelry
  • Twitter: @brumanijewelry


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