2023 Predicted Festival Trends // Saaksha + Kinni and Valentina Rangoni

Festival season is fast approaching and it is always so fun to see all the looks that come out of it! We have broken down the predicted trends of the season with designer brands Saaksha + Kinni and Valentina Rangoni.

If you’re looking to make a statement at the next festival you attend Saaksha + Kinni and Valentina Rangoni have the pieces for you! Saaksha + Kinni offers bold embroidery, unique embellishments, and abstract prints inspired by traditional Indian textiles.

The Italian footwear label Valentina Rangoni offers versatile styles featuring vibrant colors, delicate lace details, and durable designs!

The pieces below are sure to turn heads at the next festival you go to!


Corsets + Baggy Jean Combo:

Baggy Denim/Denim Patchwork/Denim Co-Ords:

Lightweight Fabrics, Bold Prints, Flowy Silhouettes:

Classic Lace-Up Combat Boot 


Over-The-Knee Statement Boot:

Colorful Loafer:

Platform Sandals: 

Lace-Up Sandal

Platform Wedges:

Shop these Saaksha + Kinni Festival Looks

Saaksha + Kinni 




IG: @valentinarangoni

WEB: https://www.valentinarangoni.com

Available to shop at Nordstroms and Zappos


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