404 Not Found St. Petersburg Fashion Week SS18

The Russian prêt-à-porter brand 404 NOT FOUND, launched in August 2017, was founded by a St. Petersburg clothing designer, who graduated from the French Fashion Institute (Mod Art International) in St. Petersburg.
The designer prefers not to disclose her name.
404 NOT FOUND” is an error that occurs as a result of a search by specific parameters.
In our case, this is a mistake that occurs when you try to repeat, or copy, the first impression from an image or emotion, because fashion is an ephemeral.

The 404 NOT FOUND brand philosophy is based on the research for the volatility and inconstancy of a moment, the existence of which is not possible in statics, and the elusive beauty of which is not detectable at any given coordinates, like sexuality, beauty, freedom …

The heroine of the brand, like its designer, lives in the very center of the metropolis’ modern life.
She does not blindly follow the trends.
Trends for her are those circumstances offered by an exciting intellectual game in the constantly transforming fashion aesthetics.
404 NOT FOUND supports its clients in comprehending the art of the “GAME” in fashion, without conflicting with their freedom of self-expression.
404 NOT FOUND designer calls her “teachers” in the fashion industry, HELMUT LANG, and Saint Laurent.
In principle, the brand does not create clothes for men.
In the prêt-à-porter collections there is no hint for unisex items, they are created specifically for women seeking to emphasize their sensual individuality.
The brand’s first collection was presented at St. Petersburg Fashion Week SS18 on October 8, 2017, during the Mod’Art St. Petersburg student’ graduation.

In November 2017, in the center of St. Petersburg, will open the 404 NOT FOUND showroom, where the capsule collections of the brand will be presented.



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