8 Charming Destinations with the Catherine Demarchelier Jewelry Collection


with the

Catherine Demarchelier Jewelry Collection

Destinations near and far are welcoming visitors in search of boundless adventure. Whether you are a self-proclaimed travel influencer capturing every moment, an international foodie enhancing one’s own palate or a global nomad retreating anywhere culturally hospitable, the ideal getaway awaits at these eight charming destinations.

Memorializing the warmth and familiarity of your favorite places year-round, CD Charms are the excellent gift for your travel buddy. The picturesque views, enviable climates and awe-inspiring adventures found at any one of these destinations should be added to every traveler’s Trip Wish List with the CD Charm to match.

The most magical memories are the ones made while traveling, and if you forget to leave with a souvenir, the adventure never ends with Catherine Demarchelier Charms. Show off your love of locales with an original piece inspired by your favorite destination. When the places you have traveled are forever ingrained in your memory, you can now have them engraved into a magnificent charm, worn as a bracelet or a necklace.



The mountainous Mediterranean island of Corsica in France is a beach lover’s dreams laden with stylish coastal towns, scenic peaks and surrounded by beautiful blue oceans. An intimate island getaway features panoramic views from many beach chic Corsican hotels. Inspired by the beauty of nature, hotels and homes alongside the private beaches are decorated with the island’s stones, wood detailing and other natural fibres.


The Sunshine State is much more than just a retirement destination, boasting some of America’s most famed cities, theme parks and nightlife. Encompassing all the fun and relaxation of a true vacation destination, families can venture to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or SeaWorld for fun, while Miami and Key West are the hot spots for beachgoers looking for excitement. During the Winter, Northerners escape the snow to the coastal cities, and all summer long, the white-sand beaches are the hottest place to be.

Rhode Island

The New England destination has boldly redefined itself as a haven for nautical activities blending culture and relaxation. The seaside colonial town of Newport is famous for sailing, with docks filled with luxurious yachts along the harbor. The large number of beaches attract vacationers looking for more sophisticated “fun in the sun” experiences. Historical sites include The Breakers, an 1895 mansion inspired by the Renaissance Palace in Italy. The Newport Cliff Walk provides astonishing views of many more mansions from the waterfront walkway, stretching 3.5 miles long.

Shelter Island

Catherine Demarchelier’s jewelry designs inaugural piece was inspired by New York’s Shelter Island, on the East End of Long Island. The town was named by the Manhasset Indians for the way it is sheltered by surrounding islands. The historical hamlet’s Mashomack Preserve is a 2,000-acre farm and nature park preserved by the Nature Conservancy, and prestigious owners of its past include the Nicoll family–for more than 200 years –, the Gerard family and later the financier Otto Kahn. Today, those who know Shelter Island, have a special fondness for and connection with the community, especially long-time resident Catherine Demarchelier, sister-in-law of famed fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. The beautiful summer cottages make Shelter Island a destination to discover.

St. Barths

Paradise islands like St. Barths in the French West Indies bring to life the charm of island living. The luxury vacation destination is popular for a host of celebrity sightings, but the fabulous experience is available to all visitors to relish in. The beauty of the island featuring bright blue waters and yachting excursions is why sunbathers enjoy this destination annually. Planning a dream vacation on the exotic beaches of St. Barths is the ideal insta-worthy summer experience.


A road trip through Texas’s deserts, pine forests and along the Rio Grande river on the Mexican border provide an authentic Southern American experience. Houston, the state’s biggest city, is home to the NASA Space Center and Museum of Fine Arts for those looking for cultural exploration. Many dynamic cities of Texas offer a getaway unlike any other with a hot music scene in the state’s capital Austin, historical adventures through San Antonio and game day in Arlington, home to the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. The fun does not stop there as all throughout the southern region of Texas, visitors will find gulf or river tours, aquariums, and an unexpectedly popular nightlife scene.


Only the city that never sleeps can most accurately hold the title as one of the leading nightlife destinations. The bustling Manhattan streets are filled with tourists around the clock but create an adventure all your own as clubs, bars and attractions feature very different signature styles and ambiances. Time Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square and the Chrysler Building are among this destination’s top attractions, but regions like Canal Street, China Town, SoHo, Little Italy and the Garment District, plus so much more, have a wealth of activities to interest every wanderer.

Miami Beach

Famous for its art deco design, Miami Beach features a live club scene with many celebrity homes lining the coast from South Beach to Biscayne Bay. With traces of Cuban culture throughout its DNA, it is the top tourist attraction for sunny weather, surfside tans and white sandy beaches. Miami’s fashion industry has grown to match the longtime art scene with Miami Fashion Week among the top events in the region following the time-honored Art Basel, an international visual art fair.


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