Adam Zohar NYFW Bridal FW2020

Adam Zohar
The latest collection by Adam Zohar is all about embracing the female body. As he explains, “Loving the dress you are wearing, feeling like your dream is finally becoming true! I am keeping my enthusiasm about the mix and match game with the fabrics and innovative new techniques for applications and a more modern way to work with them. There is a dress for every kind of woman who appreciates the couture work that my studio and I are producing – exceptional works of art.”
The newest dresses include silk tulle, 3D flowers and a lot of handmade work on top of the fabrics. Zohar continues, “My inspiration changes all the time but I think the main source is traveling. From Europe to Asia to the States and to Australia there is so much you can absorb from culture, to techniques, new textiles, trends and the perception of the people of our era globally.’’
Adam Zohar wedding dresses are for women that are unique in mind and spirit. Women who think outside the box, with a strong character and soft feminine taste. Taking in consideration different cultures, beliefs and personal taste, they can explore any shape depending on the aesthetics and beauty. The possibilities are endless. Zohar concludes, “I believe as a designer I must have a complete collection for different personalities and body shapes based on my experience and personal taste.”

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