Adult. Antwerp x MAISON the FAUX


Antwerp x MAISON the FAUX shoe-collaboration and accompanying “Double Sided” campaign created with Stef van Looveren and Louise te Poele.

Shoes will drop on the Boutique this Friday 21st

The Collaboration

Both Adult. & MAISON the FAUX share a common approach to creating, where the process is detached from the notion of gender.

MAISON the FAUX creates “HUMANWEAR”, not making a difference between gender or sexes. Adult. Designs shoes that come in size range 36-46.

The brands both share the same idea of not branding clothing or shoes as male or female and leaving it up to the wearer to decide.
The Adult x MAISON the FAUX shoe collection has been developed mixing archetypal male and female shoe designs: the hiking boot and the pump.

The shoes feature recognizable details together with an eclectic use of materials, trompe l’oeil cut-outs and bold lines. All shoes are handmade in Bangkok Thailand.

New and improved

For this second collection, we perfected the products.

We worked on making them into pieces more and more adapted to your lifestyles.
Following popular demand and our own experience of the design, we have lowered the heel to 95mm.

Our insole is still cozily padded and brings an unexpected comfort for heeled shoes.
And on top of this, we worked hard to bring the price point down from €495,- to €395,-

The Campaign

For this second collection Adult. and MAISON the FAUX wanted the campaign to show the two identities and worlds of the brands colliding.

Each brand created a world of their own based on the creational process of the shoe and the notion of identity.

Both breathing abundance and referencing classical and modern (performance) art.

The imagery featuring Raphaele LeSeigne and Stef van Looveren investigated the notion of “the persona” being in charge of the product while the stil live imagery, created together with Louise te Poele, are an investigation of the absence of the body in relation to a product.

About Adult.

Adult. is an Antwerp-based shoe brand founded by Raphaële Lenseigne, graduate from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Adult. is about the people who encompass their lives – not one but an embodiment of various characters; the young, the beauty, the mysterious, the brave.

It’s youthful and innovative perspective gives the sleek and elegant designs a playful twist.

Eccentric, yet sexy – Adult. shoes feature an eclectic use of colors, materials, and textures grounded on sharp lines and produced with an eye for detail and craftsmanship.

Campaign credits

Campaign layout by Adult.Antwerp

Polaroids by Adult.Antwerp x Stef van Looveren,
with the kind support of the Antwerp club scene

Still Lives by MAISON the FAUX x Louise te Poele

“A creative studio posing as a grand couture fashion house.”
www.MAISON the


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