AINOHA: The Aroma-Therapeutic Cigarette Smoking Alternative That Everyone’s Talking About

Hey smokers…


Are you getting tired of smelling like an ashtray?

Are you looking for a healthy alternative that won’t offend the people around you?

Well, the answer is finally here, introducing Ainoha Stiks!

These 100% organic oil diffusors are the perfect accessory while relaxing on the beach or enjoying a night out on the town.

They turn essential oils into aromatherapeutic air that when inhaled provides you with a relaxing, invigorating feeling while enhancing your mood!

There is no need to recharge the Stiks or change out any filters. Plus, since Ainoha Stiks produce water vapor, you can enjoy theinside or outside without complaints from the people around you!

AINOHA Stiks can be purchased through their website,, and only cost $13.95.

Breathe the benefits of Ainoha’s

aromatherapeutic blends all while enhancing your mood!

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