Airavata Swimwear


PAGODA is inspired IN the wonderful Asian culture, a world full of aromas, colors and textures.

Pagoda, represents symmetry, duality, the yin yang.

All set in our characteristic handmade embroidery.


The collection is inspired by the imaginary of a desert space with pastel touches.
Each group has an animal connotation, creatures that inhabit our lagoon.
The collection is divided into three groups, each one representing an aspect of this desert space, which we call Laguna Colorada.
In this collection, new textures are included, such as paper prints and fabrics with a touch of peach skin.

We expanded our portfolio, including net-to-porter tops, silk scarves and hats.

A little about me, I was born in New York on August 9, 1990.

I’m a Fashion Designer from the Escuela Felicidad Duce in Barcelona today La Salle Collage.

I spent my years of research and study between the Instituto europeo Di Designe in Milan and the Escuela Felicidad Duce in Barcelona.

Airavata was born from the ideal of supplying the need to offer a high quality product with a clear differentiation.

Since I Identify that although the brands evolve, most do it towards the same path, which leads us to a market a bit flat.

Airavata is my need to break with the line and offer versatility to the swimwear market.

The embroidery, our signature is a completely manual technique.

The ones that develop this hand craft are a group of women that we form especially in this type of embroidery inside the prison of El Pedregal in Medellín, Colombia.

With whom we have been working for several years with excellent results.

These women work exclusively for us and have a quality supervisor on a daily basis that ensures that they reach all our quality standards.

By working with these we can offer to the clients the possibility of indirectly support social reintegration projects, this has been a very motivating factor in the marketing of our products.

All our garments are swimsuits that costumers can use in all kinds of situations such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis, beach, etc.

However, most of our garments have an avant-garde and versatile design that allows them to be used on more varied occasions such as party nights, music festivals and others.

In our collections you will find our emblematic versatile garments and precious embroidered garments inspired by the motto “SLOW FASHION” that allows us to take the necessary time to offer our customers an authentic and complete final product.


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