Alexander Shorokhoff’s Kandy Avantgarde


Dedicated to the great artist Kandinsky.

“People rather rely on their feelings than on deliberation.” With these words the Russian avant-gardist Vassily Kandinsky described the human desire for getting something beautiful, artistic or rare.

For many years, the men among our watch connoisseurs have requested a real successor to the watch “Miss Avantgarde” – the best seller of the Avantgarde-line by “Alexander Shorokhoff“ – in their size. Now the time has come. The new model “Kandy Avantgarde” leads the “Avantgarde-Line.

The philosophy of the design by Alexander Sholokhov stayed the same: to create an extraordinary, avant-garde, fresh, modern, but likewise elegant watch for everyday use which is evoking emotions and can be worn with ease. And the most important criteria of good legibility stayed unchanged, too.

At first glance, the beholder can see that in any case the slogan of “Art on the wrist“ has been completely transformed into a new design. All elements like dial, hands, case or strap have been combined with each other with a lot of care. The manifold colours and forms do not create any chaos; they are not cluttered but give the beholder the feeling that everything is on its place; on the contrary the components create a feeling of lightness and fascination. That means that the traditions of avant-garde artists as Kandinsky, Malevitch, Hundertwasser and Gaudi are masterly continued with this watch.

For the case Alexander Shorokhov decided to use an angular form, whereas the dial and the case back are round. The deep red and black colours of the dial are combined with pastel light blue or orange. At the side of the case red gold and black PVD-coated wires have been introduced in three special grooves. All these parts are not in confrontation but completing each other to a harmonious ensemble – the fascinating watch “Kandy Avantgarde”.

The movement is the flat and very reliable calibre 2892 ETA. The rotor is hand-engraved and refined. The functions are the most important for time measuring and easily to handle – hours, minutes, seconds and date. In this watch the focus is on the avant-garde design.

This model is limited to only 100 pieces; most of them are already reserved.



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