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The fashion industry is a wonderful universe, but it has a tendency to destroy itself.”

The Andalusian designer debuts on this fashion catwalk with the collection ‘Capitulo 1 – Unbalance’.

With it the designer seeks to show the negative aspects of the world of fashion. A world, on the other hand, which he loves deeply, but which does not stop generating mixed feelings . In order to transmit it, he is inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy . From this reading, he structures the designs by looking at the capital sins so that, from them, he can tell all that negative part that he finds in his passion. He tells that he starts from nine core designs to start molding and creating the rest from them.

The pattern in this collection is essential as we can see. In them the opposition that the Italian poet makes between the human being as something linear, in front of the divine that is shown from much more rounded forms, is materialized.

Classic-cut garments that convey a story in themselves . And, at the same time, they make us look at our origins. This tradition is also seen in the way the garments are manufactured, with the most traditional tailoring in mind.

Through contrapositives, Álvaro Calafat identifies our sins in order, once recognized, to be able to overcome them. And all, without losing elegance and without dispensing with beauty. Because at the end of the day, what is the human being if not a set of antagonisms.


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