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Luxury That Makes Sense

The sustainable High Jewelry Maison House of Geneva
is launching its luxury collection in the United States

House of Geneva is one of the only Swiss designers who offers ethical gold. 
HoG has been working for more than a century with artisanal miners, supporting their livelihoods and empowering mining communities.
House of Geneva is designed to emulate the essence of a luxury Maison, inspired by Geneva’s heritage and vivid colors, while embracing and celebrating the Earth’s diversity — precious gems with delicate detailed ornaments.
All designs are handcrafted in Geneva and have been already spotted by Tatler and Vogue in european editions.

The pieces are inspired by Geneva and handcrafted in its finest workshops. Through three collections, House of Geneva unveils the beauty and know-how of its Swiss heritage. The centre stones are chosen by experts who are passionate and fascinated by nature’s rare gift.

Blue Isabellae, Masterpiece

Inspired by the Papillon Vitrail, which translates into stain-glass butterfly, the brooch is an exceptional piece embodying Geneva’s jewellery heritage by excellence.

Unifying the crafts of genevan Haute Joaillerie, the piece showcases a grand feu enamelling technique in plique-à-jour. This rare and traditional technique, crafted in filigree, is mastered by remarkable craftsmen with unique know-how.

At the heart of the glass, weighing over 20 carats, is an unheated sapphire from the historic mines of Myanmar. The gemstone, with prestigious origins, is harmoniously paired with a multitude of brilliant and rose cut shaped diamonds, sprinkled within the glass.

The piece’s conception begins with the precious stone which is sculpted into a jewel.

Collection Jet d’Eau

The Jet d’Eau collection takes its name from Lake Geneva’s iconic water fountain.

As the lake sources its water from the purest glaciers in the Swiss Alps, this collection brings you the world’s purest diamonds.

The centre-stones of these unique pieces are solely Golconda, type IIa, diamonds.

Every piece in this collection is handcrafted with ethical gold.

Collection Vieille-Ville

The old town of Geneva has a distinct charm.

Its beautiful squares, discrete alleyways and unparalleled architecture have all influenced this collection.

Our craftsmen, inspired by this tradition, create exceptional jewellery using ethical gold, showcasing choice and rare gemstones.

Sapphires from the legendary mines of Kashmir, the historic mines of Burma or the famous valleys of Sri Lanka adorn this collection.

Rubies from Mogok also find their rightful place in this exclusive line.

Collection Horloge Fleurie

This collection is inspired by Geneva’s world famous flower clock.

The clock is a mosaic made of beautiful flowers and is the symbol of Geneva’s colourful lifestyle.

We have designed jewellery using beautiful pavè setting, creating a breathtaking explosion of colours.

House of Geneva
1204 Geneva


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