Announcing The Nail Collection

Launching in New York at BOND Studios. 1.16.19.
The BOND Hardware Nail Collection + Hex Rings.

Offering an exclusive 20% off pre-sale to our friends and family.
Use code: NAIL20 upon checkout until 2/1/19.
Featured on make-up artist + muse, Raisa Flowers.
View the full collection online,
or visit BOND Studios in NYC.
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The Nail Collection is the first in a series of finishing hardware. Accompanied by the Hex Rings, this collection consists of necklaces, pendants, earrings, hair pins, and rings in small, medium, and large versions.
Inspired by the friction of this classic fastener:
The Nail Collection is sharp.

– designed + sustainably produced in NYC.

– featured in Nickel-Free Sterling Silver, 10K, 18K Gold: hypoallergenic, tarnish-resistant, no polishing required.

– this capsule is made to order, with most pieces between $140 – $240.


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