Apple Peel Leather from Veggani!

The newest fabric in vegan handbags?

Apple peels!

Veggani, the sustainable and vegan accessories brand known for making luxurious faux leather and faux fur at an affordable price is launching two new handbags today with an innovative Italian fabric made from apple peels!

Founder and CEO of Veggani, Laura de Waal explains how it’s made: “The Apple Peel Leather is a Bio-based Vegan Leather made using apple skins from a juicing company in Northern Italy.

The industrial food waste – apple peels – is ground, dried and powdered, then mixed with vegan glues and rolled into sheets.”

The apple peel fabric involves the recycling of industrial waste from food processing and combined with the recycled lining like our other bags, these bags are considered eco-friendlier than the brands’ other PU vegan leather bags.

Pricing starts at $150.


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