Artist Who Transforms Wood Into Wearable Art

Artist Who Transforms Wood Into Wearable Art

A self-taught sculptural jewelry artist who studied Fine Art textiles at the University of London, Sarah King has gone on to win numerous awards in jewelry design.

Now, she is releasing her first book Creating Wooden Jewelry with Fox Chapel Publishing set for release this December 2019.

“There is a diversity of work in wood that I thought would challenge people’s preconception of wooden jewelry and would make a lasting and inspiring book,” King says.

King’s book now becomes the first-ever comprehensive guide to creating wooden jewelry. Here, she guides readers on several woodworking skills including jointing, turning, steaming, polishing, staining, painting, beveling, inlaying, and more.

Surrounding the release of her book, Sarah will be available for interviews and can discuss: 
  • Her desire to elevate the current view of wood jewelry from its folk/ethnographic associations and show its versatility as a contemporary medium
  • Tips on sustainable and practical alternatives to jewelry making
  • Ideas on broadening the range of possible techniques in wooden jewelry art without loosing visual impact
  • Her process for using found objects such as foraged green wood in jewelry making
  • Tips for combining wood with other media, from silver to silicon, to show how jewelry can go much further than metal

“I’m interested in the visual qualities of different materials and the technical possibilities they allow,” King says, “and with imagination and exploration, you too can transform humble woods into striking pieces of jewelry.”


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