Automatic Refle by Relax Baby Be Cool

AUTOFLEX – aka Automatic Reflex, was made from Batik as well , as an echo to the highly successful first collection, featuring different designs but keeping the legends. 
For our future collections we want to keep looking for different textiles with an historic background and a story of their own. 
All collections are, and will be handmade, exclusive and limited due to a definite amount of each textile, print or color.

‘From the henna hands in the bright stalls of Jakarta, in the torn mochila over Singapore and Amsterdam, through the blue eyes of restless seas with Estonian roots of knowledge and experience,.. Sparked from a situation, ironed with love, touched by the hands of little magic, and pushed by the mountain..’

Fashion of Legends. Uniting countries, cultures and  great minds.

Relax Baby Be Cool focuses on raising awareness about cultural heritage from different corners of the world, acknowledging the forgotten arts, all while creating ethical and sustainable world class fashion.

relax baby be cool’ is an infectiously stylish,  modern-day fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to all the timeless eccentrics.
With a sense of solidarity amongst countries, cultures and passionate visionaries, our desire is to celebrate the legacy of ancient traditions and historical arts.
Established by Estonian-born mother and daughter creative duo, the unique, upcoming label fuses an assortment of colors and themes inspired by the hidden corners of the World.
A collaboration between textile laborers that go back generations, enthusiastic futurists and helping hands which prove to be instrumental in the overall craftsmanship that defines ‘relax baby be cool’.  
Tailor-made, using only high quality materials and mixing them with fabrics that carry in them stories and legends further contributes to the modern touch and exceptional quality that makes the brand what it is today.



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