Body hair. Everyone has it

Our shaving and grooming system is designed specifically for both men and women.

Stop wandering the aisles of pink and blue razors. Get Trazor GEL or Trazor TRIM to suit all of your shaving and grooming needs.

 Trazor – that revolutionary grooming system is designed to work universally with more than 25 shaving blade styles.

Comprised of two different systems, Trazor Gel and Trazor Trim, both versions not only accept multiple shaving blades but additionally offer their signature five edged stainless steel razor blade for a smooth and comfortable shave.

The Trazor Gel comes complete with its own advanced shaving gel built right into the handle while the ultra-precise Trazor Trim grooming system comes with a built-in advanced hair trimmer that makes it fast and safe to trim nose, ear, or eyebrow hair for 360-degree facial grooming.

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Listen, we know our handle is big, but the bigger the better, right?

Our Trazor design engineers have spent years perfecting a longer, contoured handle that, with its power grip and ergonomic shape, guarantees a smoother shave irrespective of the blade used. And, even more importantly, with fewer nicks and cuts.

So, bigger really is better!

The larger, but lightweight, handle reduces hand fatigue and easily reaches all parts of the body.

Trazor’s extra length and contour not only gives you a closer shave for your face but also is extremely convenient for shaving head, back, legs and harder-to-reach places.

Each Trazor system comes with its own razor stand and compact travel case that ensures your blade is safe from bacteria–whether you’re at home or traveling.

Trazor lets you save money by eliminating the need to buy expensive razor handles for your preferred razor blade.

Trazor also helps save you from buying separate, accompanying products (i.e. multiple razor handles to fit the individual shaving blades, multiple types of razors for different body parts, nose trimmer, female razor, shaving gels and trimmer).

The convenience and comfort Trazor offers is priceless 😉


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