Bratz Jewelry

Kylie Jenner has just resurfaced the beloved Bratz doll frenzy with her new collaboration and we sense this resurgence is going to shake things up in the fashion world!

The best way to hop on this trend? Create the perfect wardrobe by throwing some Bratz-inspired jewelry pieces into the mix

Mini Rising Star Drop Earring- $660 USD

Cross My Heart Necklace- $3,160 USD

Kismet by Milka



Emil Necklace- $210 USD

Uma Necklace- $120 USD

White Topaz Flower Earrings- $200 USD

Bright Candy Choker Necklace- $300 USD

Jenny Lauren Jewelry



Flame Earrings- $60 USD

Belly Button Earring-Blue Razz- $25 USD

Puffy Stud Earrings-Heart- $35 USD

XO Earrings- $35 USD


Angie Necklace- $45 USD

Ivy Jewelry



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