Breedlove & Chew Fu’s Quarantine Revue Episode 2



Breedlove & Chew Fu’s
Quarantine Revue
The premiere episode of Breedlove And Chew Fu’s Quarantine Revue succeeded in capturing an audience of over 2800 viewers during last week’s first live airing and convinced creators Breedlove and Chew Fu that even though most Americans are cloistered at home on Saturday nights these days, many still want to be part of the party.
So, they are doing it again… Guests include: Broadway actress/singer Jessica Vosk of Wicked fame and Villains, a genre-bending pop duo featuring singer Jesyka and guitarist Kareem “Jesus” Devlin (Kareem was given the nickname by Lady Gaga as the lead guitarist on her Monster Ball Tour) among others.
And continuing with their commitment in showcasing up and coming artists worldwide, Breedlove and Chew Fu are reviewing countless submissions to feature on episode 2.
The virtual variety show format aims to “entertain audiences collectively and simultaneously: communicating and sharing in real time together.”

So as before, this upcoming broadcast will only be shown live once with an edited version of the shown posted on YouTube channel Breedlove and Chew Fu thereafter.

About Breedlove:
Singer-songwriter Breedlove (Craig Jessup) is one of the most distinctive performers borne from New York’s downtown performance scene. After breaking out as the opening spot for Lady GaGa’s ArtRave tour (and later for her Joanne Tour) he debuted his first album with Chew Fu, The Magic Monday, in 2014 and he is currently putting the finishing touches on its follow-up titled Tragic Tuesday to be released this coming year.
About Chew Fu:
Fu is a music producer and Billboard-charting artist/ remixer. His distinctive production style features a fusion of electro- house and hip hop with heavy musical roots. He has produced/remixed for over 300+ artists, including industry staples such as Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Robyn, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and many more. Chew Fu has also appeared as a guest judge and talent-coach on Simon Cowell’s The X Factor and holds DJ residencies worldwide.


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