Buzzzzzzz… the Debate Fly Wig Lands at 3Wishes!


Sorry to bug you but… like the VP, we’ve got something we can’t get off our minds.

At last night’s Vice Presidential Debate, it wasn’t the candidates that stole the show, but rather a single black fly that had its sights set on the White House

(… or in this case the white hair)!

In the post-debate coverage, the normal buzz heard about the room wasn’t questions about the positions, but instead the buzz around the Veep’s head.

Sexy Halloween emporium invites you to be the buzz of the ball this Halloween with their Debate Fly Wig. Don’t be a just a fly on the wall, there will be no argument and you’re sure to be elected the buzziest costume of them all.

We’ve got the wig, just bring your suit & mask (or skip the mask, Mrs. Veep did).

For sale at for $49.95.


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