Car-Friendly Camp Trailer Triples in Size

Car-Friendly Camp Trailer Triples in Size

Meet the modular, mobile, lightweight pod that goes from tow mode to camp mode at the push of a button.
Whether you like simple camping or luxury glamping, somewhere out there is a pull-behind that meets your needs. We’ve seen inflatable trailerssuper light tiny trailers – even massive $80,000 trailers you can pull through a river.

And now there’s an expandable pod you can perch on its own or tow on a trailer. The Tipoon, launched commercially in March, transitions between three modes and has a modular interior you can tailor to your space needs.

Plus, its polyester-composite construction means you don’t need a truck to tow it.

Tipoon: Modular Expandable Trailer

While its primary use is as a mobile unit, the Tipoon doesn’t move on its own. It’s a stationary pod with stabilizing “crutches,” so you’ll need to pop it on a trailer. The manufacturer recommends a trailer with a gross weight rating of 2,425–2,866 pounds.

But whether you’re taking it into the wilds or leaving it in your backyard, the Tipoon’s features remain the same. It comes with a remote control that allows you to switch between three configurations: closed, half open, and full open. According to Tipoon, transformation happens in seconds.

Closed, the Tipoon measures about 5.5 feet high by 5.5 feet wide. Depending on the length of the drawbar for the trailer, it will sit 13.5–14.7 feet long. Use this configuration for towing or stowing Tipoon for the winter.

On the road, the half-open position is meant for pitstops. Here, the Tipoon rises to its full 8.3-foot height (6 feet 2 inches inside), while one wing bumps out to 8.2 feet. According to the brand, the Tipoon will still fit in a standard-width parking spot.

Once you get to camp, push the button to activate full mode. The Tipoon will self-stabilize and expand to its full 10.5-foot width.
Inside, the Tipoon undergoes similar transformations. The brand advertises four layouts: single sleeper, two-bed sleeper, king-size sleeper, and dining area, in addition to a bathroom with shower.

Similar to tiny home designs, the Tipoon possesses various stowaway cushions and pullout platforms. As a single sleeper, you can rest on an elevated full-size mattress. Pull out the cubby below the bed and access a second full-size bed.

Remove the lower bed’s center cushions, pull out a tabletop, and you have the dining area. Or, raise up the second bed to turn the top bunk into a king-size sleeping area.

The Tipoon runs off of a rechargeable battery the brand says will be compatible with solar panels in the future (but not yet). It comes with options like a chemical or dry toilet, 50-liter compressor or thermoelectric fridge, Wi-Fi reverse camera, and LED lighting.

Plus, if you drop the remote in a lake, the Tipoon can be crank-operated to adjust between all modes. The base price for the Tipoon is $29,472, and you can reserve one now for delivery beginning in June.


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