Cardi B’s Custom Rose Gold Grammy Performance Spurs Modern Feels of Roaring 20’s

Cardi B may have taken our breaths’ away during her 2021 Grammys performance, but her custom rose gold outfit by Rey Ortiz and D’Orazio diamond rose gold earrings from The Shop Archives are what makes it unforgettable.
With the help of the visionary genius behind all of her iconic looks, celebrity stylist, Kollin Carter, Cardi’s performance rekindles our love for the combined copper gold metal as it once grew its fame in during the Roaring 20’s and evolution of women’s fashion.
The Grammy Award winning artist, who recently became the first female rapper to go diamond, decided to kick off her performance with a show stopping ensemble.
The intricate and intimate details put into this are what glimmer hope on what the next year, decade, and century has in store.
Between the months of perfecting the custom look with the same designer responsible for her her most recent music videoUp, to recruiting the popular jewelry PR agency’s meticulously curated collection for diamond earrings set in rose gold, Cardi B transcends futuristic modern femininity from head-to-toe.
Cardi B wearing a custom Rey Ortiz outfit and D’Orazio rose gold diamond earrings while performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards on March 14th in Los Angeles, CA.

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