A Celebration of Emma Snowdon-Jones in Support of CITTA.Org & APNEAAP.Org, Presented by Zirkova

Philanthropist and Socialite

Emma Snowdon-Jones’ Celebration in Support of Citta.org and ApneAap.org

Presented By Zirkova One+Together

​Emma Snowdon-Jones, David Atrakchi

With Guest DJ

Keiichiro Nakajima

 Emma Snowdon-Jones joined by Alva Chin,, Ann CarusoBob MorrisCarmen D’ AlessioDavid Atrakchi, Dolly Fox (Factory Girl), David Atrakchi, Dolly Fox, Frederick Anderson, Geoffrey Bradfield, Indira Cesarine, Michael Daube (Founder of Citta), Mick Rock, Neil Burger (Film Director), Patric Hanley (Louis Vuitton US Painter)   

Geoffrey Bradfield, Wendy Diamond, Roric Tobin, Duffy Marie Arnoult


Last night, Ultra premium Ukrainian vodka brand Zirkova One+Together, whose non profit counterpart is the charitable organization We Are One+Together, presented a very special birthday celebration for noted philanthropist and socialite Emma Snowdon-Jones, supporting the non profit organizations Citta.org and Apne Aap.

Guests joining Snowdon-Jones at Manhattan‘s LovageRooftop, including renowned photographer Mick Rock, film director Neil Burger, noted interior designer Geoffrey Bradfield,  and studio 54  legend Carmen D’Alessio enjoyed signature Zirkova jasmine cocktails whilst dancing to music from DJ Keiichiro Nakajima. 

Guests were also treated to an opportunity of hearing about Citta and Apne Aap’s various  charitable endeavours –  from Citta’s work building schools, hospitals, and women’s cooperatives in India, Mexico, and Nepal, to Apne Aap’s work in combating child prostitution and child sex trafficking globally, whilst ending intergenerational prostitution.

Carmen D’Allesio

Musa Jackson, ​Ann Caruso, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Brinton Brewster





Emma Snowdon-Jones: @Secretlyinlovewithjames

Citta.org: @cittagram

ApneAap.org: @apneaap

Zirkova Vodka: @zirkovavodka

Lovage: @Lovagenyc

Special Thanks To Zirkova One+Together (For the evenings signature cocktail @Zirkovavodka), @Givenspirits, @Illy _Coffee, @NoosaYoghurt, @Lovagenyc


About Emma Snowdon-Jones:

Notable Philanthropist and Socialite Emma Snowdon-Jones has effectively spent her entire life advocating for social change.

The daughter of renowned editor and writer Ben Sonnenberg (Grand Street Literary Magazine) and granddaughter of Public Relations legend Benjamin Sonnenberg (one of the Museum of The City Of NY’s 400 most prominent New Yorker’s), Snowdon-Jones was listed by York Magazine as the 12th most photographed person in New York in 2007.

Also granddaughter to renowned Oscar nominated musician and composer – and the world’s most skilled harmonica player, performing with everyone from Gershwin to Sting – Snowdon-Jones has used her influence and notoriety to advocate for causes that empower others as well as influence social change for the better. 

The last of Andy Warhols Factory Girls, she launched Charity:Water with Scott Harrison, and also raised a quarter of a million dollars in ten days during the aftermath of 9/11.

She worked vigorously with the FDNY for over 15 years, and has launched and advocated for myriad charities and initiatives – from The Humane SocietyIRED United Nation/Renewable EnergyACRIA Aids (the oldest AID’s research organization), women’s rights and education (Including Citta and ApneAap), and Hurricane Relief efforts for Haiti with Vogue, Nigel Barker, and Terry George (the Oscar winning director of Hotel Rwanda).

She has worked on suicide prevention and research for depression with the organization Hope For Depression, and – amongst other initiatives – is currently one of the hosts for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day for the United Nations in November 2017 launched by Wendy Diamond.

BFA photographer

Karen Sterling photographer


Travis Keyes photographer

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