Celebrity Jewelry Designer Launches New Line, ONDYN

Celebrity Jewelry designer Tara Famiglietti launches new collection, ONDYN  

Celebrity Jewelry designer Tara Familglietti launched new collection ONDYN today, a modern, fine jewelry collection inspired by water, the universal element that connects us all. The full collection consisting of 30 pieces including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings are now available through e-commerce platform, Ondyn.com.

With composition that is both sleek and elegant, ONDYN incorporates the gentle fluidity of water into its design to create jewelry that moves with you. Each piece evokes a fluid sculptural identity, achieved by using the most precious materials.

Through combining technical ingenuity and a refined architectural aesthetic, ONDYN’s pieces drape like second skin, taking shape on the body and sending diamonds literally in motion.

Born and raised in Manhattan, founder Tara Maria Famiglietti was acclaimed as a jewelry designer to watch by New York Magazine at the age of twenty when she developed a contemporary fine jewelry line using diamonds and 18k gold that would one day become the inspiration for ONDYN’s clean and luxurious aesthetic.

Before ONDYN, Tara was introduced to Padma Lakshmi and was commissioned to design her jewelry for her wedding to Salman Rushdie.

The two went on to become very close friends, eventually partnering on a fine jewelry collection that launched at Bergdorf Goodman called PADMA.

As a New York City based brand inspired by the element of water, ONDYN has decided to donate $50 from each purchase to the Group for the East End’s commitment to water protection.

Since 1972, Group for the East End has been protecting and restoring the environment on eastern Long Island, New York, through education, conservation, and advocacy. They fight for the protection of our land, water, and wildlife, inspire children to become future stewards of the environment, and engage the community to take action on important issues.

The Group protects the places where endangered birds live and breed, organizes beach grass plantings and habitat restoration projects, and takes a stand against single-use plastics to save sea turtles, sea birds and other wildlife. Whether it’s advocating to stop overdevelopment, improving water quality, or inspiring the community through nature outings and events, the Group has developed a reputation for achieving lasting conservation success. 


As a New York City based brand inspired by the element of water, we’re protecting the nature of the place we love. With each ONDYN purchase we’ll donate $50 to the Group for the East End’s commitment to water protection – from the nationally significant Peconic Estuary, to the Atlantic Ocean, to the smallest kettle pond, to the aquifers under our feet.


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