Celestial Gardenscape Collection 2018 by D. Raphael

New York artist Damien Raphael‘s intuitive art began after his mother’s passing.
She told him of a dream she had where she saw a sign. It read: “D. Raphael Failla, Painter and Sculptor.”
This became an inner force that moves his brush today.
With no formal art training, dreams of celestial gardens became the inspiration that continues to evolve his unique style of abstract “garden-scapes.”
The collection is filled with whimsical plant life drawn from an ever morphing inner psyche. Arriving as dreams where colors and fantasy are intertwined with reality, Failla’s art is rendered without start and without end, implying perhaps a glimpse into the infinite.
Failla’s Western New York roots prospered in an environment highly influenced by local and varied artists.
Of those he credits with the greatest influence, such as Wes Olmstead and Ben Perrone, his mother is where the highest gratitude is paid. Anne Candee Failla was his first and perhaps greatest influence in understanding all that is good in himself and how to use that as tool to understand, appreciate and respect art.

She is major part of the the story that continues to unfold. Sadly, Anne passed in May 2015.

Strong supplemental influences have come from various avenues including artists,  Jackson Pollock, Jean Michel Basquiat, Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miro. Films including “Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Flash Gordon, The Last Straighter,” and “The Never-ending Story” have been important influences in developing his distinctive style. 
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