Chic by Accident + VARON . Around Ambar

The collection designed by Aaron Changpo consists of 50 pieces that bring to those wearing it warmth and feminine energy; each piece was hand made in Mexico City during 8 months of work, by a team of goldsmiths, jewelers and stone carvers. 

This collaboration presents the evolution towards a mature design for Varon, having ambar of Chiapas as the star of the collection, surrounded by sterling silver. The selection of these ambar stones comes from Emmanuel Picault, honoring the traditional elegance while attracting also younger generations. 

Over the world, Chiapas is one of the richest amber regions. This stone of plant origin is of greater hardness compared with other ambers around the world; formed from fossil tree resin it creates bright, transparent gems in different colors; besides yellow (the most common) such as white, reddish, brown or even a greenish tonality.      



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