There is something in the air in the South; an ethereal, dreamlike fog that rests in the morning light, a mystique that moves in the late evening sun. We have always been captivated by the spiritual phenomena that pervade our stories.

Our gowns seek to capture this atmosphere, tying together modern designs with heritage. The gowns are delicate and diaphanous, lightly dancing over the body, constructed of layer upon layer of silk tulle and silk wool creating a strong atmosphere effect.

Broomstick pleats pressed into light silk, corsets cinched in satin, feathered tulle flows, one strata over another.

The details of this collection speak to a deep understanding of handcraft and a nuanced pairing of materials.

Macye Wysner is the Founder and Creative Director of the Los Angeles-based bridal brand, CINQ. Fascinated by the magic and creativity of fashion, it quickly became a sanctuary for Macye. A place to create stories, a place to escape.

Between the paint-chipped walls, moss-draped trees, and candle-lit hotel lobbies, Macye found her most fluid state of creativity in New Orleans. Surrounded by the embrace of art and theater, the heritage of became a part of Macye.

An outpost for her creativity.

Once graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Macye submerged herself into the bridal industry working in showrooms, production studios, and alongside designers. Determined to create something that was both individual and could stand the test of time, CINQ was born. CINQ embodies heirloom pieces that conjure a sense of history while still feeding modernity. It is the place that Macye has created, her new escape, the place for her imagination to run free—and her history of being present.

CINQ: @shop_cinq


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