Claire Pettibone- Vagabond Collection 2018 photos by Anton Oparin


North, South, East and West…wanderlust has taken hold, and whether we travel from place to place on holiday, as life demands, or in the virtual world, the idea of exploring will always hold a certain romance.

 We meld and blend our cultures and traditions to create something new and profoundly beautiful, based on love and a sense of adventure.

 Fabrics are layered, and combined in unexpected ways for a truly unique gown for the bride.

Bon Voyage!



To celebrate the concept of global diversity, the beauty team focused on each individual to accentuate their natural beauty.

For the look by Make-Up Pro, led by Chika Chan, that meant smoky eyes, and/or a full brow depending on each girl’s features.

The skin had a sun-kissed glow, and a natural lip.

Hair, led by Kelly DeSerio for Ted Gibson, played with the natural texture, and a few corn-row braids placed to accentuate the face.

Wild, strong and beautiful, these brides are ready for the next adventure!


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