CLARISSA OLIVERIO creates for the people who want to be unique while remaining elegant and sensitive to the artistic element. Those who choose this style are bold.

The men and women who wear it are characterized by a complex and artistically relevant spirit. The glasses of the Italian Maison are made using exceptional fabrics handcrafted in Florence, straw inlays handcrafted in France, fused silicones and artistic processes reminiscent of the extinguished and inflamed lava, silver jewelry handmade in Italy, and embroidered inserts in 24 Kt gold.

Each eyewear is subject to numerous and meticulous phases all curated by the designer, from the research of the most precious materials to the final assembly, which takes place in her Parisian atelier.

The glasses are made with exceptional materials and workmanship, with many details that make each eyewear unique.

Clarissa Oliverio is Italian, she is originally from Como, she has lived in cities like Milan, Ravenna, and Florence and now she has chosen to live in Paris, a beautiful city where she feels welcomed and inspired.

Her parents produced pure silk accessories and from an early age, she grew up in their laboratory, where she had the opportunity to closely observe the world of the important Como silk companies. This gave her thorough training in high-quality fabrics, their production, and their quality.

In his creativity are strongly present in both the Italian and the French style, always passionate about French impressionist painters. During her life she finds herself deepening herself in an important way and then finding herself following her creativity to express herself and connect emotionally with people. The creation of an accessory or a dress for her goes through a clear vision of what she wants to create and propose and the research of materials, manual processing, stylistic design, and the creation of forms convey, for her, a metaphorical concept very precise.

For Clarissa was her journey through dreams, difficulties, changes, and even bigger dreams, the newfound joy and ability to feel good about herself, you can recreate and define in material from becoming an accessory or a dress to wear and be part of the free interpretation of the wearer.

Each person can receive and reinterpret that story in his own way and countless times. The mood of his collections follows unceasingly this conscious creative path, his creation is aimed primarily at people.

After high school, she attended the course of Fashion Designer at the Istituto della Moda Marangoni in Milan and then graduated in Law at the “University of Milan” graduating a year before the normal course of studies, driven by the thirst to learn as much as possible and in many areas.

Life led her to work in the legal sector for a few years, but eventually, she decided to leave the city of Milan and her career to find herself at a deeper level. In her solitude and thanks to her discipline and constant search for herself, she has rediscovered her true nature that she lives to create, draw, invent, and discover.

He founded his Maison only in 2021 and in less than a year he found great interest in his creations, so that they entered the most important stores in Europe.

His style is decisive and creative, and ignores commercial dogmas, making uniqueness and originality his guiding principle. She loves to play with important materials, on which she herself works manually to compose with precision and imagination.


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