co-friendly shoes designed to keep you on your feet

Meet SKYE Footwear: the ultimate sneaker-boot that combines the functionality and durability of boots with the comfort and style of sneakers.

Whether your day includes hiking, a run through the park or walking your dog, these shoes have you covered.

They are the ultimate sneaker-boot hybrid and are offered in two unique styles:

  1. The Stnley:

Combines a traditional hiking boot appearance with the modern simplicity of sneakers to keep feet dry while taking on new adventures.

      2. The Pembrtn:

Merges the slip-on sneaker style with boot functionality to keep feet warm, comfortable and prepared for any activity.

Made of sustainable materials, SKYE will endure daily wear for years to come.

They are ergonomically-engineered to support the whole body, not just the feet.

The shoes are easy to slide on and off with a convenient zipper closure system and laceless design, combining all day comfort and ease.

SKYE has officially launched on Kickstarter, and we’d love for you to visit and pre-order a pair for yourself!

Check out our media kit for ourfull press release and photos, and for additional information about SKYE, visit the campaign page at

We believe that feeling amazing starts with where you stand.

The sneaker-boots are lighter than most, which makes activities easier and less strenuous on your feet.

The boot shell consists of 4-way stretch fabric for an extra comfortable fit.

An optimal contoured cushioning design evenly distributes the weight of your body, relieving the pressure and shock of each step.

A sculpted insole provides support on the arch and heel for all-day comfort.

Your feet won’t ache after a long day, bringing you a new level of comfort.

The sneaker-boots are engineered with highly durable materials such as military-grade Cordura and Japanese armor.

The toe boxes of the shoes have TPR mudguard protection, the tips of the recycled plastic cords are dipped in rubber to prevent fraying ends, and the soles feature a unique water flushing pattern with a sawtooth profile to provide excellent grip in all types of weather.

The sneaker-boots are 100% waterproof and snowproof.

Not only is the entire shoe welded TPR for weather protection, but it also keeps water out with a waterproof YKK zipper.

The weatherproof material also has insulating layer keeping your toes warm from the cold and snow


Our footwear is man-made with ethical manufacturing procedures.

We strive to limit our carbon footprint to help preserve the environment.

We use materials like recycled plastic and 100% natural, biodegradable rubber to create our shoes.

We are also vegan-friendly — we do not use animal by-products.

People love shoes.

The average American owns about 19 pairs of shoes at one time.

You might have hiking shoes, running shoes, rain boots, casual sneakers, snow boots and desert boots. Imagine buying a single pair that could work in all of these occasions.

For those who value quality over quantity, combining your favorite, essential pairs of shoes into one sensible, attractive pair would be a dream.

We made it our goal to present the eco-friendly, exceptionally crafted, affordable shoe option.

Our company promises this to you, in addition to comfort, longevity and versatility.


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