Couch surfing for engagement rings? Here’s how to do it

The first jeweler with the technology, Shane Co.’s Budget Buddy is a tool that listens to what the customer’s requests are and responds by pulling engagement ring settings and center stones to fit their budget.
To use Budget Buddy, a customer would start by entering in their budget for the ring.
The tool then intelligently splits your budget into what is the recommended percentage to spend on the center stone and the setting.

The budget split was built based on extensive research on how the majority of Shane Co. customers built their engagement rings at a similar budget.
Once budget, stone, and setting preferences are chosen, within seconds the tool has narrowed down a selection specifically for you from hundreds of rings and thousands of diamonds in your budget, making your decision-making process much more digestible.
Designed to give you the largest center stone, be that a diamond, ruby, or sapphire, and setting style for what you want to spend, Budget Buddy is a tool made to make your engagement ring shopping experience online easier and less stressful.
Shane Co.’s goal for the tool is to give the typical budget-conscious consumer the most similar experience shopping for engagement rings online as they would in store.
Being inside doesn’t have to put a damper on your plans to propose. Although shopping in store is still the top way consumers purchase engagement rings, national jewelry company Shane Co. has innovative and exclusive digital tools to give you the confidence to build your engagement ring online.
Three Online Tools To Help You Build The Perfect Engagement Ring
1. Image Search
The first and only jewelry company with the tool, Shane Co.’s image search tool will pull engagement rings for you to shop based on your favorite inspirational photos, no matter who they came from. Whether it’s an image you took of a friend’s ring or a screenshot of a ring on Pinterest, this tool will pull matching settings from Shane Co.’s selection of over 500 different options.
2. Matchmaker
For those who still haven’t decided what their dream engagement ring style is, Shane Co. exclusively has Matchmaker. It’s like a dating app, but for engagement rings. Swipe right or left on different engagement ring styles, and Shane Co.’s will curate a list of your top recommended styles based on what you’ve liked and disliked.

3. Virtual Try On
With the Virtual Try On tool, you don’t have to leave your couch to try on your favorite engagement ring styles. Find the ring you’re looking for on, roll up the sleeves of your hoodie, snap a photo of your hand with your smartphone, and see what the ring looks like right on your hand.
And with Shane Co.’s version of the tool, you can even change your stone shape and stone type (diamond or colored sapphire).


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