Counting Hope

Hope Mueller  is launching a sequel on August 25th called Counting Hope, which already made the Amazon bestseller list during presales..

If you thought Hopey: From Commune to Corner Office was compelling, then Counting Hope will further inspire and challenge you.

In her memoir sequel, we follow Hope Mueller’s journey into adulthood as she unwittingly recreates the dark, chaotic world she was attempting to escape. As Hope finishes college, she digs herself out of drug addiction and abusive relationships to ensure her survival. She charges forward to build a better life for herself and her two daughters. Hope reveals the most intimate and painful events of her life while illustrating an unwavering motivation to improve her circumstances and discover her true worth.

Ultimately, Hope’s story shows how small, daily steps towards confidence propel us forward, even beyond our darkest hours, to a place of more joy, more purpose, more fulfillment. Written in heart-pounding flashbacks and encouraging looks forward, Counting Hope is an epic journey of liberation, empowerment, and eventual success.

Hope’s updated bio

Hope Mueller is an author, inspiring speaker, pharmaceutical executive, wife, mom, and grandma.  Hope is the founder and president of Hunter Street Charity and is an active not-for-profit volunteer. She is passionate about community service, female empowerment, and career development. Hope’s unique childhood gave her the gift of being able to create order out of chaos. She lives with her husband and shares her life with her four daughters and grandson.  Ten percent of all proceeds from sales will be donated to Hunter Street Charity.



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