Cozy, Slip-On Sneaker Styles from Minnetonka

Fall is finally here so it is time to break out the cozy footwear! Minnetonka’s Windy and Wilder styles are perfect additions to fall wardrobes. Part of the brand’s Home & Away Collection, they feature MinnLITE EVA outsoles, so you can slip them on for indoor or outdoor activities. The sole of the shoe is lightweight, sneaker-like, and street-ready, while inside is soft for cozy and super plush wear.  

With functional use for indoor and outdoor wear, the Windy and the Wilder are the perfect styles to bring you into autumn. Both styles are offered in three colors. The Windy comes in Charcoal, Cinnamon and Blush, while the Wilder comes in Black, Cinnamon and Vintage Blue.


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