The Appearance of Time

Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection

Shanghai Fashion Week | Labelhood

Time, as universally acknowledged, is an invaluable treasure bestowed upon each of us.

Yet, do we truly comprehend its essence and its tangible manifestation?

Theologian St. Augustine of Canterbury posited that time, much like the trajectory of a star’s journey, manifests in our world through its unpredictable transformations. To perceive such manifestations is to engage in contemplation of time, an endeavor that doesn’t necessitate deep reflection or analysis. After all, the appearance of time subtly infuses every facet of our existence. It might manifest as a beam bridging past and future, as a cycle marked by the rhythmic alternation of day and night and the ebb and flow of seasons, or as a complex lattice interwoven between parallel dimensions of time and space. It could be as minute as a grain of sand in an hourglass, a star vaulting across the sky, or a drop of wax dwindling on a candle.

Does time’s visage then, ever wane?

Decidedly not.

Even if a day were to come when a pulsar engulfs the Earth, the appearance of time would persist, unwavering.

“Time, transcending all permeates every corner and molds into various forms,” this is the observation at the heart of the CPLUS SERIES Fall/Winter 2024 collection. Named ‘The Appearance of Time’, this collection is a crafted and tailored homage to the tangible representation of time’s abstractness.

This season, designer CT Liu draws upon the brand’s heritage and a nuanced palette of colors and textures, seeking to capture today’s woman’s multifaceted nature. Reflecting time’s diverse manifestations, he envisions her as a ‘multi-faceted beauty’, adept at metamorphosing from a corporate role in a high-rise by day to a techno girl on the dance floor by night. Her fashion defies conventional judgments.

We live, we feel, we dream, and based on our whims, we choose between a leather coat or a denim jacket. Washed twill jeans, asymmetrically stitched garments, vintage prints, and textured knit fabrics are collaged, pleated, and deconstructed, imbued with a touch of subculture, crafting an aesthetic of resilience, coolness, and ease. The collection resonates with a sense of ‘90s nostalgia and connects with the punk and grunge movements, hardcore, and street cultures that defined the era’s countercultural zeitgeist.

With this collection, CT Liu endeavors to delve into the metaphor of ‘time as a web’. Throughout the collection, he weaves countless beads within mesh fabrics, not only to craft celestial glimmers but also to embody the complex interconnectivity of moments and memories. With this motif, he symbolizes the interconnected nature of our experiences, where each moment is a nexus in the vast web of time, shimmering with potential and vibrancy. The collection invites us to reflect on the multifaceted dimensions of time, encouraging a profound appreciation for its pervasive influence and eternal beauty.

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