CULT of Individuality X HVMAN FW2022 photos by Victoria Bruno

Last Thursday guests turned out in droves to witness the latest FW ’22 collection from streetwear brand Cult of Individuality.
Helmed & founded by Ron Poisson, the brand debuted its latest threads alongside a smaller capsule collection called HVMΛN. The event took place at Cult Lab (an event space inside the brand’s showroom) in midtown NYC and guests were treated to a short film documentary followed by an after-party with tunes by DJ Flash Gea accompanied by flowing cocktails and light bites.

 “We don’t follow the general rules of engagement in terms of how we go about the brand, the design, the mood, and the feel,” says Ron Poisson. “It’s always from our gut. There’s always somebody that sets the trends, and then people write them and say this is the trend for this season; animal print, or this color or that. I don’t really follow that.” This message is clear in the new collection that came down the runway.

 VIP attendees included: Avon Dorsey (Hypebeast fashion editor), Constance White (journalist & author of How to Slay), Jerome Lamar (fashion designer), Kaya Marley, Pilar Scratch (celebrity stylist), Elliot Carlyle (creative director), Shelly Bromfield (creative director/stylist) and many more.
Both collections were produced by veteran creative director and producer Mykel C. Smith Creative. Sponsors included: Moet, Kiki Vodka, Sperry, Papi, and the Marhsall.  

Cult of Individuality has forged a reputation as an iconic streetwear brand that has stood the test of time. Over the last decade, the brand has been a beacon for non-conformists, dreamers, trailblazers, artists, and people who are not afraid to be unique. The brand has become a staple for fashion-conscious denim enthusiasts. Driven by music and fueled by a passion to outfit the streets in fashion-forward looks, Cult is thriving.

The seasonal collections are inspired by the many experiences that are embodied by the wide swath of Cult- consumers and defined by popular culture. The music inspiration helps fuel the vision for iconic fabrics and bold statements all set to a backdrop of Denim, the canvas of choice. The brand continues to evolve from denim to a wide array of fashion staples that make up the majority of its current offerings.

Backstage@CULT of Individuality X HVMAN FW2022 photo by Roy Anthony Morrison

CULT of Individuality X HVMAN

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