Cynthia Rowley NYFW SS2018 Photos by Cheryl Gorski , Review by Austin Velarde

Easy, breezy, beautiful…”

Three words synonymous with the Cover Girl brand are also easily applied to describe Cynthia Rowley’s latest Spring Summer 2018 show.

In her West Village showroom, Rowley had picturesque models swinging carefree displaying her whimsical bohemian collection.

Guests guided through the mirage of models as they sipped champagne and admired the airy presentation of clothes.

A maxi dress patterned with abstract geometric shapes, mixing over into a black and green jungle inspired floral print highlights the collection.

Rowley also showed an elegant multicolored opalescent sequin skirt paired with a black sweater containing the words “love dove” embroidered in red.

In addition to the loud maxi dresses and extravagant sequined skirt, sensual satin rompers were dotted throughout to add a feeling of sexuality into this cheerfully charming collection.

Austin Velarde

Junior Editor at Fashion Maniac 


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