Dads Actually Invented Fashun

The latest style trend that is sweeping through Millennial and Gen Z closets.

Recently, there’s been a huge spike in sporting Hawaiian style shirts, baggy jeans, turtlenecks, pleated pants, baseball caps, light wash denim and of course the infamous athletic shoe trend that many celebs seem to be showing off recently.

For those who are trying to attain this dad inspired lewk, look no further than the awesome up and coming subscription service, Wee Blessing – better known as the FIRST subscription service that is offered for all shapes, sizes and ages.

What’s great about the service is it allows you to curate your style through an easy online quiz.

You can always update your style profile depending on which styles you’re loving.

This may be the first time you’re not saying “Velcro? What a rip off!” because the brand offers 40-60% off regular retail prices.

All dad jokes aside, you don’t even get charged until you decide what you’re keeping.



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