DAMIR BEGOVIC Croatia Fall 2018



Collection EX-vonia inspired by Haute Couture and Slavonian folk costumes. Slavonia is history-geography region located in eastern Croatia Europe).

Slavonia represents granary and agricultural most important part of Croatia.

Damir Begovic is a young designer currently based in Zagreb,Croatia.

He is on his last year of MA studies at faculty of textile technology and fashion design in Zagreb.
For him is hard to tell what inspires him.

The main thing  that he loves and lives for is fashion.

The Collection is inspired by horticultural.

Most of inspiration comes from eating plants like Carnivorous plant.

Focus is on upper garments and their big layered shoulders and volumes on the sleeves.

The whole look is based on contrast between heavy coats and jackets with clean underneath garments inspired by butcher/gardener apron.

The atmosphere of collection is a bit scary and monstrous. Most of materials used in this collection are waterproof and Lacquered, in contrast with details made of sequins. Every look is total, in one colour. T

he colours in collection are inspired by most toxic chemicals.



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