Dany Mizrachi 2018 s/s Collection- “Jerusalem”

Dany Mizrachi

2018 s/s Collection-  “Jerusalem”

My relationship with every bride is like an on going love story” -Dany Mizrachi

The world serves as a canvas for Dany Mizrachi, but what drives him as an artist, is the love story that he embarks on with every bride.

While the country of Israel can offer much to be inspired by, such as architecture and history, nothing captivates Mr. Mizrachi’s attention more than the city of Jerusalem, the city of love.


At first glance, Jerusalem is a historical city, comprised of architectural elements such as the “Jerusalem Stone”, from which all of the structures are made from. These stones inspire texture and craftsmanship in this stunning new collection.

However, once inside the city, a world of co-existence is discovered. A city filled with all different types of inhabitants. A city filled with people with very different ideologies, beliefs and stories, and although many wars were once fought over these ideologies, today’s modern world portrays a group of people living together in complete harmony, and a peaceful tranquillity.

This aspect of Jerusalem, inspires more than just material and craftsmanship in Dany Mizrachi, because it emphasizes the most important ingredient in everything he does, it emphasizes love.

 Gal Gadot  (wonder woman) had her wedding dresses customized by Dany


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