Death to Tennis NYFWM FW2018 photos by Cheryl Gorski

Death to Tennis Fall/Winter 2018
The Great Style War”
by Austin Velarde
An antiauthoritarian theme was felt even before the Death to Tennis Fall/Winter 2018 show began as a front row guest smoked up the runway to the great dismay of security.
Designers Vincent Oshin and William Watson created a “Great Style War” with their denim, corduroy and dark floral patterned show.
Said to serve “as a metaphor for the ever-evolving face of fashion” the show opened with a short video titled “The Propaganda Machine.” Following the video, the dark-toned collection featured militaristic brown, green and multicolored floral prints.
A dark floral and elm cropped pant along with an identically printed scarf paired with a white long sleeve shirt highlighted the collection.
A brown and faded multi-colored floral multi-pouched belt along with a matching informal suit jacket added to the utilitarian vibe of the “style war.”
Easily transitioned off the runway were the light floral patterned wide leg denim jeans and the women’s faded multi-colored floral buttoned down blouse.
A bandaged “war bride” and two nurses ended the show as they assisted a wounded warrior down the runway wrapping up the “style war” with hopeful prospects.



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