Deviate FW2022

Deviate is a Detroit-based fashion brand designing contemporary, and mens/womenswear collections that emphasize textile innovation and artistry. With each new collection, Deviate writes an original storybook to inspire design. Through sustainable, hand-crafted textile capabilities, each Deviate piece tells a different part of an original storybook.
Deviate produces deeply personal collections that explore current issues and challenge social norms. The juxtaposition of sartorial unisex elements, symbolism, and profound meaning behind each design and the use of innovative textiles are intentionally conceptualized throughout every collection.
 Our all-female team is on a mission to elevate Detroit’s reputation as a respected fashion city – everything is made in-house by us.
We use American-made and ethically sourced materials and our collections are produced by the hands of Detroit artisans. Each artisan’s signature can be found on the tag of the product that he/she has worked on. We want you to know exactly who touched your product and where the materials came from, all while empowering local creatives in the process. Detroit is a fashion city. We have elite creatives, designers, and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to add another dimension to this truth through the artful design elements and expert tailoring that we bring to every piece.


Our responsibility as designers is to listen to our community and design for them. But our responsibility as community leaders stretches beyond design and into actual opportunity creation for our neighbors.

We decided to leverage the platform we have built as a catalyst for other local creatives seeking scale. In order to achieve that goal, we launched a Talent Incubator with a focus on supporting women and minority designers.

As of September 2020, we have partnered with the Boys and Girls Club to expand the program by offering a paid apprenticeship for Detroit youth who want to learn about all facets of the fashion industry. The curriculum includes everything from trend research, technical illustration, pattern-making, industrial sewing machine operation, marketing/branding, and entrepreneurial skills. Detroit is a fashion city today, and it will be tomorrow.


We are two sisters who believe in each other. This is our story.

Deviate was born from our combined passions in both fashion and entrepreneurship.
When we were kids, we did everything together. As we’ve grown up, our interests diverged but our connectivity has remained. Kelsey pursued her passions in fashion, which took her to work for high-profile designers in Los Angeles, such as Vera Wang. While Cassidy was drawn to the startup hustle, where she had her first exit at age 24. Following these experiences, we decided to do what we’ve done our whole lives: Combine our passions and work alongside each other.
So, we founded Deviate, our vehicle to drive social impact and support underserved communities through the lens of fashion and art.


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